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Samsung TV Repair San Fernando Valley California

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Samsung TV Repair. We repair and service a whole lot of Samsung Televisions. The reason is simple... people like them and there are a whole lot of them is service.

If your Samsung TV is on the blink, visit our web site. Check out all of the Samsung TV models we have repaired in the last year alone. The link to our Samsung TV Repair page is here

Your Samsung TV has a sticker on the back.
On the sticker... there you will find your Samsung model number, the specific TV serial number, and most likely the date your Samsung TV was made. 

Most Samsung TV models that are under four years old start with a "UN". After the UN is a number... that double digit number is the exact size of your screen. It could look something like this: UN32EH53300F.

Older Samsung TV's can have a LN or a PN at the beginning at the model number. Look for a image/sticker on the back of the Samsung that looks something like this.

Send Us your Samsung TV issues and related info by sending us a Instant Text Message!

We will receive your Samsung TV info instantly and determine what the issues are. We'll get back to you with our findings within 15 minutes or when you ask us to call. Just specify. Our FAST HELP SAMSUNG TEXT MESSAGE FORM IS HERE.

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